Cash For Home Resources

Searching for informative articles to peruse before selling your house for cash? Here’s a curated list of resources we often suggest to our sellers prior to presenting a cash offer.


Los Angeles Superior Court; offers general information, court rules, forms and fees (

NOLO-Legal information on wills, trusts and estates including FAQs and explanation of terms (

Oregon Probate Code ( )


US Bankruptcy Court’s Bankruptcy Basics (

NOLO-Legal information on bankruptcy including FAQs and explanation of terms (

PROPERTY DATA: – Find general information about your property, including approximate value and how it compares to others in your area. – Research the current and past market conditions on your property, including regional trends and other real estate news.


NOLO-Legal information for landlords, including lease forms, management, and screening (

AOA (Apartment Owners Association)-Information for landlords on apartment rentals, including legal and screening (



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